Prenatal Care and Webster Technique

Prenatal Care:

During pregnancy, your body is undergoing a massive transformation. Prenatal chiropractic care is designed to support your body’s natural changes throughout your pregnancy. Your spine can be affected by rapid weight gain causing an increased load, changes in your center of gravity, and changes in posture and sleeping positions. Our goal at Nazemi Musculoskeletal center is to support your body’s natural process throughout your pregnancy with gentle and specific adjustments ensuring a comfortable and safe adjustment. Our adjustments are designed to keep the structure of your hips and spine balanced during pregnancy and birth so that your body can function at its best throughout your pregnancy.

Webster Technique:

Your body is naturally made to birth your baby. The Webster technique is a gentle chiropractic technique that promotes optimal pelvic function and alignment for pregnant women. The adjustment is designed to help to reduce soft tissue tension and relieve ligament stress. This will also help provide relief for lower back and sciatic pain which commonly occurs with pregnancy. Webster technique allows more room for your baby to move around in the uterus and enables your baby to maneuver into the proper birthing position from “breech” positioning. Additional benefits of Webster technique include easier labor with fewer interventions, a more comfortable pregnancy, and proper development and function of the nervous system.