Emsella Incontinence Treatment

Urinary incontinence is a common medical condition affecting the lives of millions of people in the US. Dr. Nazemi recommends Emsella – a completely non-invasive, FDA-cleared treatment for urinary incontinence that helps reduce your frequent visits to the bathroom and provides you relief from physical discomfort and embarrassing accidents.

A Breakthrough Technology to Treat Incontinence

Aging, sedentary lifestyle, childbirth, illness, obesity, or genetics can lead to bladder leakage concerns over time. Emsella is based on an innovative technology called High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic waves (HIFEM), which is revolutionizing intimate wellness with a safe and clinically proven solution for urinary incontinence.

Powered by HIFEM energy, the unique Emsella device will deliver thousands of pelvic muscle contractions supra-maximally in a comfortable in-office treatment session lasting 30 minutes. The treatment works more effectively than a gym workout and Kegel exercises to strengthen a weak pelvic floor. A single treatment session with Emsella delivers an impact equivalent to 11,200 Kegels.

By treating an overactive bladder and pelvic floor muscle incompetence, Emsella provides sustainable relief from stress incontinence, urge incontinence, mixed incontinence and nocturia. Stronger pelvic floor musculature improves bladder control to give you better control over the release of urine and restores your confidence.

Benefits of Emsella

Emsella chair procedure provides effective and long-lasting relief against urinary incontinence. Many patients are choosing Emsella treatment for the following benefits:

  • Non-invasive, safe, and FDA-cleared treatment
  • Improved bladder control and diminished urinary urgency
  • Reduced frequency of trips to the bathroom
  • Sound sleep with a reduced need to wake up at night to urinate
  • Freedom from panty liners or pads to protect against leaks
  • No fear of embarrassment while sneezing, coughing, or laughing
  • Improved fitness regimen without being afraid of pelvic failure
  • Higher self-confidence at work and in social life
  • Minimal need to plan outings and travel based on accessibility to restroom facilities
  • Quick in-office procedure and no recovery or downtime
  • Comfortable treatment on the Emsella chair while you are wearing your own clothes
  • Some patients report additional relief from chronic pain in the lower back
  • Women as well as men report improved sex life and orgasms after the Emsella treatment

Emsella Treatment Plan

We recommend a series of six treatments with Emsella performed at intervals of at least two days for best results. Each treatment will take about 30 minutes on the machine. Depending on your needs and body response, you may continue to have maintenance treatments in future.

On the day of the treatment, you should dress comfortably so that you can keep a straight back with legs spread open for the required pelvic tilt. You may relax and read a magazine while the treatment is in progress. The treatment session involves no specific pain, and you won’t need an anesthetic.

However, the treated site will feel slightly warm and you may experience a tingling sensation as the muscle throbbing and contractions occur. If you feel any discomfort, our Emsella expert can lower the intensity level of the device. You will wear your full clothes during the treatment, and can go back to work or home right after your treatment session.


Patients report excellent outcomes following their Emsella treatment program to address urinary incontinence. Surveys have shown that at six months, most patients continue to be satisfied with their results. Correlating with this, depending on the severity of your incontinence, the symptoms may begin to return in about nine months to a year. We can plan maintenance treatments with Emsella to help you achieve lasting relief.